Welcome to the online-portfolio of Peter Popken,
Concept- and Storyboard Artist for the film industry.
As a Conceptual Designer I provide visual ideas and
aesthetics of a film for directors and production designers.
This includes environment and set designs as well as character,
costume, creature, prop illustration and picture vehicles.
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New Projects

Recently Peter Popken has been working as a Conceptual
Designer on films such as THOR, BEAUTY & THE BEAST,
or Clooney's MONUMENTS MEN. His work spans more than 30 films and was nominated several times by the Art Directors Guild for Excellence in Production Design.
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Popken contributed designs and illustrations for the films of
major studios like, Disney, Marvel, Paramount, Universal, Warner Bros. etc. and developed visual ideas and concepts
for Sony PS3 computer games. His experience in the fields of architecture, industrial design, animation and a passion for illustration are the foundations, his imaginative objects and environments are build on. read more →

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way I work you may take a look at the tutorial section link →. 

Various images from other projects and personal work.
More sample images are in the portfolio section.
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The sample illustrations on this website are the properties
of Peter Popken or their respective copyright holders. It is
forbidden to download, copy, distribute and/or reproduce
any of these images without the express permission of the
copyright holders.

the conception  Nuthin but mech  Exposé 10  Behind the Scenes of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time  The Art of Speed Racer  From Script to Film
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Monuments Men concept art Thor: The Dark Kingdom La Belle & La Bête
Christophe Gans´ French language
version of The Beauty & The Beast
Marvel Studio´s dark sequel to the Asgard tale of Demigod Thor

hugo knight Unknown Identity concept art
orphanage, Ninja Assassin London cloud atlas concept art
Robot spaceship raumstation

mountain pass Bourne Supremacy Robot
Nuthin but Mech: Sci-fi related images
like Robot and Mecha designs
Props: Weapons and other objects designed for various film projects